Spoilt Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014, 27 March – 6 April, The Butterfly Club.

Review by Elizabeth Quinn, Weekend Notes, March 31, 2014.


Comedy Skitch at the Butterfly Club for the Comedy Festival

Tour de force is the word that comes to mind when describing this one-woman show at the Butterfly Club. Never before has one woman exhibited so many split personalities in such a confined area over such a short space of time. Move over Toni Collette! Step away Sally Field! (Sybil? Anyone?) Liz Skitch, step into the spotlight and take a bow.

The spotlight is Skitch's natural habitat: with the help of mannequins, wigs and an accessory or two, she shines a light on five very different women in a storyline that weaves them all together to a dénouement that is hilarious – and yet just a bit tragic. The audience gets a glimpse into five strangely familiar lives ranging from upper middle bogan to 15 minute celebrity. And if they are absolutely honest, they might even see a teensy bit of themselves in there.

,p>We meet a marriage celebrant with a face so tight her tear ducts don't work anymore; a wedding planner with a Pomeranian shitzu so small it's a Pomshits bonsai; and a celebrity personal trainer on a recruitment drive for her SLUT movement: Start Loving U Today.

This is a funny, fast-paced show, with its cleverly choreographed onstage costume changes and adlibbing that keep up the laughs throughout the full sixty-plus minutes of entertainment. To borrow a phrase from Larissa Waters, reality show runner-up and would-be burlesque artiste, no matter how unrelentlessing your Comedy Festival diary, testistically speaking you'd be mad to deter the opportunity to see 'Spoilt'.

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