Spoilt Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014, 27 March – 6 April, The Butterfly Club.

Review by Heckler, April 4, 2014.

Liz Skitch: Spoilt

A maze through magically lit neon alley ways into a dark abyss of stair ways and nostalgic photos from a time "not quite when" led me to a show like no other. Liz Skitch provides a one woman exposé of the trials, tribulations and triathlons of being a modern woman in a maddening age. You have the best friend-long island-socialite, the self help hapless guru and the tan, plan and "don’t touch the flan" wedding organiser.

The very odd, church pew like, seating of the Butterfly Club makes it easy for Skitch to transfer the audience from dog park, to self improvement seminar all the way up to lively wedding reception. The audience participation is as awkward as it is funny and left most of us in stitches, even the participating members.

Spoilt delivers a very adept touch on all that is bizarre in a world we call normal, and an extremely entertaining yet painfully honest perception of life as we know it. The energy shared between 5 people was fantastic. But to be put all on one person was simply ahhhh-mazing. A very must see show for anyone who is overwhelmed by a simply underwhelming society. Bra… Vo. The name spoilt must come from simply being spoilt for choice of characters, to love, despise and associate with all in one go.

I am not familiar with previous work from Liz Skitch but was immediately taken in by her larger than life character and brilliant stage presence. Not the usual kind of gag and punch line humour I am used to, however i did thoroughly enjoy myself regardless.

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