Skitch Tease – Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011, The Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, 15, 16, 22 & 23 April 2011.

Review by Nick Spunde, The Pun, 20 April 2011.

Liz Skitch – Skitch Tease

Liz Skitch starts her act by removing her clothes. To a soundtrack of sax music and hearty audience encouragement, she strips down until she is wearing only stockings, heels, a strategically placed accordion and a tiny hat. Well, that’s one way to get people’s attention.

Fortunately, Miss Skitch also knows what to do with that attention once she’s got it. Based in Brisbane, Skitch is both a comedian and an actor and has appeared at numerous festivals as one half of comic duo The Gooney Girls. Her au natural solo show, SKITCH TEASE, is as loopy and fun as a carnival ride.

It has something of a vaudeville feel, with Skitch delivering a rollicking stream of one-liners to the rhythmic accompaniment of her accordion, interspersing them with clever ditties, double entendre and observational stand up. Skitch's delivery is immaculately timed and constantly changing in style. One moment she's cutesy, then sultry, then straightforward and chatty, then suddenly over-the-top and back again. She slips in and out of character with ease, her voice doing tonal backflips within the space of a sentence.

Her nudity, in addition to being an ongoing visual gag, heightens the impact of her performance, creating an exaggerated sense of the outrageous or of vulnerability or silliness, as required. At times she keeps you so wrapped up in her stories you forget all about it. While Skitch's erratic stylings could risk going into quirk overload, they never do. Instead, it’s like she’s working magic on the audience.

The hour flies by and no one wants it to end. SKITCH TEASE has a limited run at the Butterfly Club but it’s worth catching if you can. This is a show, and a performer, that are certain to, er, take off.

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