Skitch Tease – Edinburgh Fringe 2011, 4–29 August, C aquila.

Review by Edinburgh Spotlight, August 2011.

Skitch Tease

With only an accordion and her sharp wit to protect her modesty, Australian comic Liz Skitch whisks audiences through 55 minutes of sassy comedy and humorous songs in her lovably cheeky and enjoyable UK debut, Skitch Tease.

Appearing partially clothed at the beginning, Liz proceeds to strip off until only her squeezebox remains, before carefully taking a seat in the centre of the stage. With a naive, childlike persona shot through with some acerbic and wickedly flirtatious wit, her style makes for a likable and funny performance.

Telling tales of domineering mothers, failed relationships and sexual misadventures, this is familiar territory for a female comic – but as each joke is accompanied by constant accordion music and punchlines underscored by a squeezebox flourish, there is enough about Liz Skitch’s routine to make it stand out from the crowd.

With some light-hearted audience banter (she takes full advantage of the fact a sixteen year-old lad is in the audience with his parents tonight) and a self-deprecating manner, Skitch wins over the audience – perhaps not so much with her comedy – but with her bare-faced cheek and good-natured risque act.

Proof that the new cabaret section of the Fringe is home to some diverse performances indeed, Skitch Tease is flirty fun which squeezes your funny bone in all the right places. Skitch Tease runs from 8-29 Aug (not 16) at 22:30 at C Aquila.

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