Skitch Tease – Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival 2010, La Bohème, 36 Grote Street, Adelaide. 3, 5 & 6 June 2010.

Review by David O’Brien, DB Magazine, Adelaide, 9–22 June 2010.

Skitch Tease

Stripping while wearing an accordion is a neat trick to pull off. Petite Liz Skitch not only does it but something more extraordinary - sits cross legged in racy black stockings, high heels, accordion and little red hat for an hour, telling tales, singing and playing in such a way you forget she's naked. You actually look at her. You remember. You forget again. It's sassy, nasty-nice stuff.

Skitch's high carnival character voice that shapes into any accent, wicked smile and savage accordion riffs make the show, one full of dainty, yet sharp pointed barbs at the absurdly vacuous lives of the privileged, empty headed teenage girls and bad ass tourists amongst many others just dripping with sugar coated viciousness. No one is safe; family, ex-boyfriends, even baby showers cop it. The opening night audience needed a tad of encouragement. Skitch rips into you with engaging, dark edged warmth you expect from a freaky aunt offering a tray of spectacular afternoon teacakes. You're not sure if you should take them, but you do anyway and are so glad you did, lapping her act up with naughty delight. Guilt laden laughter mixed with pleasure remains with you well after the show, the dark pall of her cheeky accordion ringing in your ears.

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