A powerful one-woman theatrical experience revealing the absurdities of motherhood.
One Woman tour de force  ★★★★
– Theatre People
Bizarre Delights  ★★★★
– The Age
Belly aching hilarity  ★★★★★
– What Did She Think

The artist formerly known as Liz Skitch, now known to all as ‘mother of two’, has teamed up with trail-blazing theater maker Maude Davey, to create a ground-breaking one-woman show exploring the changes and surprises that one encounters on entering motherhood. Mothermorphosis premiered at La Mama in 2018, played to sold out houses and received critical acclaim:

You couldn’t ask for a show that channels the spirit of La Mama with more irreverence and passion
– Cameron Woodhead, The Age

Inspired by Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Skitch unpacks the taboos and challenges of transforming from a woman, into a mother. Comedic, dynamic and honest, Mothermorphosis combines intimate confessional and absurdist physical theatre with an exquisite soundscape designed by Chris Wenn, which features the voices of mothers who share a wide variety of lived experiences.

Utilising Skitch’s extensive experience as a clown, satirist, comedic writer and actor, the pastiche of performance styles serves to explore the inexplicable.

And yes there IS a live chicken in the show, hypno-birthing and nudity. This is motherhood, laid bare.


Image by Nayt Houseman.

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★★★★  “You couldn’t ask for a show that channels the spirit of La Mama with more irreverence and passion.” – The Age
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