Hurry Up and Wait – Edinburgh Fringe 2011, 4–29 August, C aquila.

Review in Primary Times, August 2011.

Hurry Up and Wait

“Two clowns wait for a parade. Time feels like it is going very slowly. they get bored, tired, hungry... until their imaginations take over, and waiting becomes a game! Time flies when you're having fun!”

Hurry Up and Wait, is a simple yet highly entertaining physical comedy. It was beautifully delivered and was very funny and imaginative. Any child or adult who has had to sit patiently and wait will be able to relate to this show. The interaction between the two characters is wonderful and funny - with lots of trickery and teasing! They are waiting for a parade at 3.00pm, but as we all know, time goes by very slowly when you're waiting and what it's like to try and hurry up! This performance allows you the luxury to just sit back, feel the anticipation and let your imagination flow.

Thanks to the great delivery and superb sound effects – you could smell the food/taste the ice cream and believe you were actually watching a parade … (the slow motion was my favourite!) A magical show, sure to captivate audiences of all ages. It was thoroughly enjoyed by my three children aged 5-11 (any myself), and as the gentleman behind me said “I may be 35 but I feel like a kid again – that was brilliant!” I think that just sums it up. I would recommend this for all ages – it’s light simple and the ending was magical – worth waiting for!!

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