Hurry Up and Wait – Edinburgh Fringe 2011, 4–29 August, C aquila.

Review by Charlotte Murray, Informed Edinburgh, August 2011.

Hurry Up and Wait


Kids who have had to wait for anything can well empathise with the premise of Hurry Up And Wait. Two clowns wait for a parade that is just too long in coming, having to entertain themselves in the meantime to prove that time can fly when you’re having fun.

It’s a shame that over the years clowns have grown the reputation of being creepy and scary, because it is exactly this kind of physical clowning and silly noises that appeals to young children. There are no scary painted faces here, however. deBASE Productions bring a fresh, energetic and colourful show which threatens to give the children’s section of this year’s Fringe a run for its money.

Though they try to sit still and quiet like all good clowns should, boredom leads their minds into all sorts of very silly places. The duo bring to life an imaginary puppy (complete with graphic actions to scoop up its mess), an imaginary ice-cream van, and a big broken clock, among other things.

It really is a true indication of the quality of a show when the audience, children and parents alike, are in constant fits of laughter. At the end of the show I heard one child ask, “Can we watch it again?” whilst another said, “I want an ice-cream now.” Well, I suppose there are always risks that come with such graphic portrayals of ice-cream enjoyment!

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