A truly happy, fun and intelligent show.
– Broadway Baby, Edinburgh

A couple of clowns have rushed to town to see the grand circus parade. They find the best spot, right next to the big red clock; the parade will arrive at three o'clock on the dot! They sit, they wait, they get bored, they get hungry … until their imaginations take over and waiting becomes a game. They dine on food that appears out of thin air, use simple items to create amazing new worlds and discover an entire universe inside a hat!

Hurry Up and Wait is a unique blend of Buster Keaton and Samuel Beckett loaded with exquisite physical comedy. The performers take the audience on a hilarious and imaginative journey of emotional highs and lows as their interminable wait unfolds. Hurry Up and Wait has delighted children and families around Australia and the world.

Suitable for 3–10 year olds.

Hurry Up and Wait travelled to Shanghai in 2019 and was presented to over 2,000 young people and their families at the Shanghai International Arts Festival. Liz Skitch led the adaptation of the work for a non-English speaking audience.  READ MORE...

A magical show, sure to captivate audiences of all ages
– Primary Times, Edinburgh
If you don't have children, find some and take them or simply take yourself – you'll love it!
– Broadway Baby, Edinburgh
... the audience, children and parents alike, are in constant fits of laughter. At the end of the show I heard one child ask, 'Can we watch it again?'
– Informed Edinburgh
It really is a true indication of the quality of a show when the audience, children and parents alike, are in constant fits of laughter.
– Fringe Review, Edinburgh
Two hugely talented performers
– Broadway Baby, Edinburgh
It was the best show ever. I liked the part where Tally and Shorty had an ice-cream shower.
– Vivian Lu, age 6, MacGregor State School, Brisbane

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