The Furze Family Variety Hour

... even funnier than you’re imagining ... These two multi-faceted performers are old-school style truly delightful; they’re cheeky and a little bit naughty.
– (XS Entertainment)
I honestly thought that I might need to give my 16 year old Ventolin in the car on the way home - he’s not asthmatic - he was just laughing so much at The Furze Family Variety Hour.
– Susan Hetherington, ABC Radio

Meet Red and Ginger Furze. They’re the only remaining members of a once-great traveling vaudeville family. Sadly, all the other members have left, got real jobs, died … or moved to the Gold Coast.

Now Red and Ginger must perform the entire show – even the bits they’re not quite sure about – all by themselves. Cringe as they crash through Uncle Joe’s famed Musical Interlude. Watch in horror as they attempt their mother’s lion taming act – without a lion. And reminisce with them as they recall little Baby June’s ill-fated sword-swallowing act – she only did it the once.

Imagine The Muppet Show, live on stage, with two people instead of a lot of muppets – that’s The Furze Family Variety Hour.

Featuring acclaimed performers, Leon Cain and Helen Cassidy, and original music by David Megarrity (Tyrone Shoelaces) and Samuel Vincent: this is an hour (and a bit) of pure comic power that will please audiences from ages 7–77.

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